Winner Best Documentary at DragonCon Film Festival

Back from Atlanta, Georgia where Rise of the eSports Hero had its US premiere at the DragonCon Independent Short Film Festival. An exciting few days filled with eye opening costumes, sessions, panels and films. Erica sat on a panel discussing Documentary filmmaking and met lots of passionate filmmakers from around the world who are touring around on the festival circuit. DragonCon is an interesting conference that is best described as being 30 conferences in 1 with different themes, tracks and strands depending on people’s interests and reason for being there. With over 75,000 people in attendance this year, outside of the film festival, they could also attend other panels and sessions from Doctor Who to Tolkien’s Middle-earth and Paranormal to Apocalypse Rising and everything else in between. If you are into science fiction, Cosplay and more there is a track for you! Our eyes were opened with the multitude of costumes throughout the festival and depth and detail put into each one. Another experience that pictures can’t do justice for and must be seen to believe. (But we will post a few to give you a taste!)

All those involved in the film festival side of things were welcoming, helpful and excited to meet the filmmakers and screen our films. On top of getting a great response from the audience during our screening, we were thrilled to walk away with the award for Best Documentary and came home with a nice plaque to prove it! Congratulations to all the filmmakers we had a chance to meet in Atlanta. Looking forward to continuing to get this film out there for others to see.