New York Comic Con

It's not everyday we have a chance to head to New York to participate in the one and only New York Comic Con, but this was the year to do it! Erica Landrock was invited to sit on a panel for the ReedPop Fandom Film Festival discussing Rise of the eSports Hero along with two other filmmakers who were also on the panel talking about their films. Comic Con did not disappoint with huge numbers in attendance, great cosplay costumes, interesting panels and the never ending showroom floor filled with everything that your mind could dream up (and then some!) about comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, television and geek culture. 

Leading up to the panel, Erica appeared on Be Terrific TV to talk about the documentary. Check out the interview here. With NYCC's 2014 attendance reaching 151,000 it now takes the throne as the largest comic book convention in North America! We feel like we only skimmed the surface with what was available to see and participate in so would love an opportunity to return and do more Comic Con exploring. 

Thank you to NYCC for selecting Rise of the eSports Hero to be part of the Fandom Film Festival and giving us an opportunity to talk about the documentary to a very receptive and interested audience! And heck... who can resist a trip to New York City.